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Well, How Did I Get Here? - frazzled and bedazzled
Well, How Did I Get Here?
I woke up this morning wondering where my three-day week-end went. I didn't spend much time sitting around (though I did watch Out of Sight at my husband's insistence - he couldn't believe I'd never seen it before), and yet... Whoosh! Three days went by in a flash.

Friday evening I attended a talk sponsored by the Oregon Friends of Jung which I'll have to talk about in more depth (just not now), even if it's only to make notes of the experience for myself. The topic was the Visual Language of the Unconscious. It didn't turn out to be what I expected, but it was fantastic nevertheless. One thing in particular that I learned from the experience is that I don't think I'm cut out to be a psychiatrist. After the featured speaker finished her presentation there was a Q&A session. Most people did what is expected in such situations and asked questions which were direct and on a specific subject. Then this man got up to the microphone and emitted the verbal equivalent of scattering a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces across a table. As the puzzle pieces fell, the audience grew increasingly restless. Many people left. Some started whispered conversations. Others shifted around in their seats. The experience was kind of what I expect open mic night at the Dadaist Poetry Club would be like. Eventually, he paused. He had never asked a question or made any particular point. However, the speaker pulled all those pieces together and formed a picture that was coherent, made sense, and was somehow was on topic. She did it with good grace and infinite patience and I thought to myself that *I* would've tapped out of that conversation at least 6 minutes earlier were I standing at the podium. Then I thought that the experience is probably not unlike a session with a patient and I would never have the patience to make it through 30-60 minutes of that kind of rambling, much less provide any useful insights at the end of it. Thus, for all my fascination with psychology and related principles, it's probably a really good thing that I never started down the path of thinking psychiatry would be a terrific career for me.

Saturday I worked out at my new gym. (Oh, by the way, I joined a new gym. This is a Big Deal for me for a few reasons which I'll get to in some future post if I can remember to talk about it.) Though I didn't feel like I worked that much harder than usual (except for how the Zumba class went for 15 minutes more than I expected - that was kind of killer!), I was super sore after. I think it's the combination of a new instructor, a different dance floor, and different weight lifting machines that did me in. I did the whole work out all over again yesterday and am literally sore from head to toe today. For the class on Saturday I arrived late and ended up jammed up in the front of the room where I was actually behind the instructor most of the time. Thus I spent the class translating her movements where she was facing the class into the version I should do while facing the other way with the added twist of watching her in the mirror. My brain struggles enough with either the mirror OR the facing me vs facing away thing; dealing with both left me feeling like I'd had a mental work out along with the physical. So what I learned Saturday is to not come in to class 30 seconds before it starts.

Sunday I worked on chores around the house (I don't believe I've ever folded so many loads of laundry in one day in my whole life), including a reorganization of my books. My purchasing of new books has slowed a huge, huuuuge amount thanks to the demise of Borders (man, I miss that place!), and yet, the stacks and piles and mounds of books remain as bad as ever. As I worked through my organization project I realized I had three (3!) copies of Following the Equator, a book I love, yet don't need to possess in triplicate. There were a few other surprises like that as I worked my way through things. I decided that I need to get a barcode scanner and some software so I can bink things in and out of my collection, such as it is. I probably only have a couple hundred books, which I know most of you will agree isn't really that many, all things considered. Still, when you find you have more than one set of duplicates and actually a set of triplicates, it may be time to admit that the memory isn't what it used to be and start relying on technology. After making decent progress with the books, I made what I called the silk-purse-out-of-the-sow's-ear dinner. This involved standing in front of the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry with their respective doors open, staring at things in a blank manner until inspiration struck. What I learned Sunday is that chicken parmesan is pretty damn good when you use swiss cheese instead because you're too hungry to take the extra time to go the store and get parmesan.

Yesterday I tried a couple of recipes I found thanks to Pinterest (if anyone wants an invite, get me a note with your email address and I'll send you an invite). At first I couldn't figure out how in the world I would use that thing (or how it even works, to be honest), but I think I'm getting the hang of it and now I can see its potential. The only downside is that since it works based on links to web pages, if those web pages are moved or whatnot, there goes the link. If I find things I really love, I'm going to have to make hard copies of the instructions or lose the info forever. What I learned Monday is that 1) home made egg McMuffins need an english muffin that doesn't feature as strong of a "wheat bread" flavor as the ones I used and 2) baked kale really is delicious. I didn't actually believe that second one despite the many people who have recommended it all around the internet, but figured that it was worth a shot to try it out anyway. It'll never be popocorn (what is?), but it does make for a nice snack that provides some nutrients that I don't consume in the quanitities I should.

So there it is, a synopsis of three days off. Yet... I still don't really know what happened to my week-end. Now it's a new week and time to get the brain in gear. What I need to learn today is why my iPhone is suddenly doing this weird thing while in iTunes where it won't let me navigate out of a playlist. Plus just how much caffeine it will really take to feel awake.

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hseva From: hseva Date: February 24th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC) (Link)
I will wait invite to Pinterest. Thanks.))) hseva@rambler.ru
fiveandfour From: fiveandfour Date: February 24th, 2012 09:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Invite on the way. Enjoy!
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