Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

My Friday Evening...Let Me Show You It

4:18 pm Daughter calls to ask me to follow up with her friend's mother about ice skating later on
4:20 pm Husband calls to confirm I'll be able to go pay for the work being done on his truck by the time the shop closes at 6:00 pm. I tell him I'm planning to leave work in just a little while, so I'll be on time. Yes, I believe I can also pick him up by 8:00 pm because I plan to drop the kids off at the ice rink by 7:30 pm.
4:21 pm Daughter calls back to let me know we need to pick up one of her friends for the ice skating by 6:50 pm; another friend's mom will be driving her to the rink. I'm to drive daughter and 2 friends home when skating is over at 9:30.
4:23 pm Hang up from phone calls and begin process of saving last files that need to be saved, tidying desk, using the restroom before I leave for work, re-filling water bottle for the bus ride, etc.
4:32 pm Arrive back at desk with a message waiting for me from a colleague, asking if I can call her back with a phone number she left on her desk. I figure I can write the number down on a post-it while I close down the computer, put on my coat, and get ready to leave by 4:34 so as to catch the bus on time.
4:33 pm Programs not closing down properly. No, I don't want to save that. No, I don't want to save that, either. Just freaking CLOSE DOWN for heaven's sake.
4:34 pm Call colleague while in the elevator leaving the building. Pass along phone number and run for the bus stop.
4:35 pm Call the remaining friend's mom we haven't caught up with yet. Friend is grounded for the week-end. Oops.
4:37 - 5:10 pm Catch bus. Traffic is oddly light for a rainy Friday evening. Huh. I finish off a book I've been reading and decide I'm not in the mood to start another just then. I pass the time daydreaming and listening to the voice of someone kitty-corner to me; it's remarkably similar to a client's. Said client had me in tears at a dinner a year or so ago and I try in vain to remember just what it was that slayed me.
5:11 pm Start re-tracing ground going north towards the auto shop.
5:20 pm Pay for service work (yay! less than I feared) then head towards home.
5:30 pm Pick up dinner from Chinese restaurant for daughter and me; call and let her know I'm coming and should be home by 6:00.
5:55 pm Sit down for dinner
6:35 pm Leave to pick up friend and transport two kids to ice rink. Haggle over money daughter's allowed to have for the evening, make sure they get set up for skating and take off to pick up husband from work.
7:35 pm Arrive too early to get husband so belly up to the bar at a McMenamins and have a glass of Ruby. Mmmmm....that's good stuff.
7:57 pm Call husband and ask if he's ready to go. He is. I pay for the beer and pick up husband.
8:20 pm Arrive back at auto shop so husband can get his vehicle. Can't locate the keys the mechanic said he'd leave under a floor mat or in the glove box, so use my keys to get home.
8:45 pm Arrive home and surf internet until leaving to get daughter and friends from ice rink.
9:15 pm Take off for ice rink.
9:27 pm Arrive at ice rink and get prime spot right in front to wait for the kids. Don't see them anywhere.
9:32 pm Call daughter and make sure they're getting ready to leave.
9:35 pm Kids hop in the car and beg for ice cream. I tell them I'm not taking the rap for sugaring everyone up from the other kids' mothers; talk them into fries instead.
9:53 pm Head toward kid #1's house. She doesn't want to be the first one dropped off, but she's got the fiercest mom, most likely to wibble about the lateness of the hour, so she gets booted to the curb first.
9:54 pm Discuss with kid #2 and daughter why daughter isn't allowed to have a boyfriend at this age no matter how they decide to define it. (If they're really "just friends" then they can be satisfied with the label "just friends".)
10:00 pm Drop off kid #2.
10:05 pm Arrive home for the final time that night. Whew.
Tags: family

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