Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

Maybe this Week is Just Supposed to be This Way

And another day where the time cycle is all out of whack...

Yesterday I was at a series of classes all day. [One thing I learned that I never would've thought of: in Oregon, county courthouses and hospitals are good places to go if you want a list of translaters and interpreters (oh, and this website is also admired as being useful and accurate). It makes sense when you think about it, but really, how often does one think about it?] At lunch I made the big, fat error of drinking something with caffeine. In the wee smas it finally occurred to me that I really should be getting tired and only then realized why I was still buzzing around in my head as if it were just past noon instead of well past midnight. Durh! It's been awhile since I've had mid-day caffeine intake affect me like that. But it was nearly 3:30 in the morning, after doing all those things "the experts" tell you to do to help get sleepy plus a couple of things I made up on my own*, when I finally knew I had a shot at falling asleep. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that I slept right through my alarm and only woke up when my daughter came into my room to ask if I was ok.

So I got to work late then got to spend the next few hours going through all the e-mails that had built up over the course of yesterday. Some days I really don't know if e-mail is a blessing or a curse for the business world. It's so easy for people to reply and go off on tangents that then need their own reply and then copy a gajillion people who all have to make their own replies so that in the end you spend a half an hour reading e-mails that could have been handled in a 5-7 phone conversation. Even taking into consideration the time spent writing notes after the phone conversation, one comes out behind on time. Multiply this time drain by all of the issues you're dealing with for all of your clients, and it comes to feel like a wonder that a person can take any time off at all from dealing with everyone's issues.

Anyway, all that means that the math of my day has been something like: late start + time on e-mails + my company's regular Thursday running of utilities which makes the whole system snail-paced slow = one loooong morning where not much was accomplished.

I'll certainly not make the mid-day caffeine error again today, so with luck I'll be snoozing soon after my daughter's softball game ends tonight. I hope this, in turn, will get me back tomorrow to feeling in my usual rhythms again. It's nice to break out of habits once in awhile, but it's also nice to get back to some of them, isn't it?

*Describing it that way brings to mind that scene from Rocket Man where the Harland Williams character amuses himself for innumerable days alone while traveling to Mars. There may have been a monkey involved in that part of the story, but I can't really remember. Um, you've all seen that movie, right? Don't leave me hanging now. You know you like those kind of movies that are bad in every way and yet you watch them anyway....sometimes more than once. ETA: Oh, check it out! I was just reading some of the IMDB page on the movie and see it was referenced in a Buffy episode. So HA! I wasn't the only one who saw it :-).

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