Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

Back from the Land of the Lotus-Eaters

Every once in awhile - most often coinciding with some sort of holiday - I need extra sleep. Lots and lots of extra sleep. Last week-end was one of those times. In the course of normal life, if I can get somewhere between 6 and 8 hours of sleep most nights of the week, I consider myself lucky. Naps are avoided at all costs because even 15-30 minutes of sleep during the day will mean hours and hours of sleeplessness that night.

Friday afternoon I felt so very tired, but expected a couple of extra hours of sleep each night over the course of the week-end would charge me back up. I started off the week-end with a whimper by sleeping approximately 2 hours longer than expected/intended and woke up too late to make my beloved Saturday morning work out. It was mostly a lazy day and included seeing Iron Man, which I enjoyed far more than I expected to given my response to the trailers and previews. Before the movie I had a nap, and I really don't know if I would've made it through the movie without falling asleep had I not had it, even given my enjoyment of the story. I slept about 10 hours again that night with none of the problems with falling asleep I might usually have on a day with a nap. We did various things on Sunday, including continuing our search for a floor lamp (harder to find than one would imagine), a stop at Powell's, and grocery shopping (which no member of my family enjoys). I fell asleep at a decent hour and got a nice 8-9 hours in that night. Yesterday I took a nap of approximately 5 hours and was even able to keep sleeping despite my daughter's 3 separate attempts to get me out of bed. I crawled out of bed at about 7pm for some dinner. I took one of my husband's sleeping pills last night so had no issues with getting right back to sleep by about 11:30pm.

I never really know if these marathon sleep sessions are nothing more than catching up on the sleep deficit that builds over the course of normal life, or if it's my body fending off some potential illness. The inevitable result when getting back to the usual schedule is a day or two of feeling like I'm facing some sort of cruel and unusual punishment involving nap deprivation. I've been up about 4 hours and have had twice my usual daily dose of caffeine already, and yet I feel as if I'm sleep walking. I know this feeling will pass and soon enough the thought of a nap in the middle of the day will bring the usual horror, but at the moment I'm wondering how it's possible to get through the day without some mid-day sleep.

How does a person get the right amount of rest, day in and day out? I've had trouble getting to sleep for as long as I can remember and it's "normal" for me to feel some tiredness during the day nearly all of the time. How do people find out the actual amount of sleep they should be getting on a regular basis, then get that amount of sleep?

It would be nice to know not only because it would be terrific to feel rested most of the time, but also because it would be nice not to suffer the lost week-end effect at those times when the sleep deficit comes due and my body steps in to collect.
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