Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

Don't Be That Guy

One of my family's favorite (obscure?) quotes comes from PCU: "What's this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy."

For the most part, we've pared it down to just "Don't be that guy."

Today I went for one of my usual meals: a salad at Quiznos. At the ordering station was a sign that stated, "We're out of tomatoe's".

I looked at the sign and harrumphed. I ordered my salad and stewed. I paid for my meal and weighed the pros and cons. Realizing I had to, I just had to, I took out my pen and put a big X over the ' in tomatoes.

I mean really, I can't take it any more. Why is it the ' is being so abused all of the sudden? It keeps appearing where it shouldn't and not appearing where it should. Did everyone wake up one day and simultaneously forget the function of an ' ? Sure, it may be small and not take up much space, but surely it deserves better than this?

Apparently, I'm now that guy. And I'm finding it really hard to regret it.
Tags: don't be that guy syntax edition

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