Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

Opening the Case Files

From the 'Things that Make You Go "Ewwwww!"' Cabinet

* Me getting checked out by some random person on the street is nothing to this: my husband was working over the week-end at a booth sponsored by his company at a charity event. He had taken an employee with him and needed to drop her back off at work before coming home. On the way to the car, they got into a conversation about getting older and he was talking about how, for some reason he couldn't figure out, he didn't mind the thought of losing his hair as much as he minded seeing it go grey. He gestured towards that spot just above the ears where guys go grey earliest. Then she pointed out how he also had some grey in back and tickled his neck while telling him it was "cute". He shivered, and not in the good way. He's still shuddering over it.

* This morning on my way in to the bathroom, bleary eyed and not quite awake, I saw a little brown thing on one of the carpets. Thinking it was a pebble, I picked it up to throw in the trash. On the way from the floor to the garbage, I looked closer at it and realized it was a dead spider. I'm still shuddering.

From the 'Things that Make You Go "Hmmmm"' Cabinet

* On my way to the gym this morning was a handmade sign advertising cherries. The word "fresh" appeared just like that - in quotation marks. Just what are you getting with so-called fresh cherries? Freeze-dried cherries? Cherries that were fresh last week, and this week not-so-much? Cherries so fresh they're still ripening on the tree?

From the 'Things that Make You Go "WTF?"' Cabinet

* The head of my daughter's softball league called to ask if she would try out for the post-season All-Stars/Honors team tournaments. He left a message and asked that I call back that day. I called back about 15 minutes later from a different phone than the one he had called and he answered, "Yeeeesssss?" Honest-to-God, I pulled the phone away from my ear and gave it the WTF? look because, seriously, who answers the phone like that when they don't even know who's calling?

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