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Clearly, elevators were the place for me today. I was wearily leaving work and heard an elevator ding in just as I was walking out the door. At that time of day it takes forever to catch one and I was afraid I was going to miss it. Thankfully, two men were on it and they accidentally got off on my floor, thinking they were at their destination. Their little moment of confusion held the elevator long enough for me to make it. I got on with a colleague and the two men: a very tall cop and a nice looking fireman. The colleague got off on the next floor and I was flirted with by the cop and the fireman for the rest of the ride and all through the lobby. ::fans self:: That may be some kind of cliched fantasy, but it's an awesome one that I highly recommend.

Just saw the preview for the new movie of Brideshead Revisited and I can tell already they've taken out the subtlety and humor, changed the themes & characters, and all-around messed up the story. Plus, no evidence of Anthony Blanche. I mean, honestly, what is the story without Anthony Blanche to tell everyone the truth (that they don't want to hear)?

The house smells of blueberry pie. We bought a half flat of blueberries (Ivanhoe - I think I've found a favorite) and a half flat of raspberries over the week-end. We've been gorging ourselves, but still, something had to be done because there was just no way we were making it through the whole flat of berries in their fresh form. Today was the perfect day for baking, it didn't get above the mid-70s all day, and it's kind of too bad I didn't do any preserving because weather like this in summer is made for making jams and jellies. (And pies.)
Tags: books, food
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