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Princess Strokenham

General Update on Fitness and My War on Salt

In association with the "don't be that guy" thing that goes with dieting, I find there's a fine line between making a progress report and gross bragging. Thus, I put all this under a cut.

My daughter is playing soccer now, which means I'm missing a lot of the classes I usually take at the gym, including my favorite one on Saturday mornings ::sob::. I've been doing a lot of ad hoc exercising, including giving running on the treadmill a try (wow - so much easier than trails or roads). Last Saturday I was trotting along and accidentally hit the Emergency Stop button. Somehow in the herky jerky stop and start on the treadmill I managed to hurt myself. I was fine one second then felt a *ping* in my right calf the next. It's been tender and not taking my full weight smoothly ever since.

Throughout this last week I exercised very little and very gingerly. On Wednesday I tried the treadmill and had to give that up and ended up doing something easy on the elliptical machine. I was sort of killing time until the Zumba class started. My gym cut one of my favorite step classes for the Zumba so I wanted to see what it was about. I don't know if I got a good first impression. I mean, it's essentially dance - which I love - but my leg was stiff and I was nauseated and after 20 minutes I had to leave the room. The class was packed. Packed! Wall to wall women doing steps along with an instructor who said very little and was so lost in the crowd that it was kind of like a game of telephone where the first row that could hear and see her translated her instructions one way, then the farther one got from the instructor the further from the original everything became. I was in the back row, so you can draw your own conclusions from that as respects which group I fell in.

I decided to give it a try on another day and wanted to do one last thing before I left the gym. I'd heard about the hundred pushup challenge awhile ago and decided to see how many pushups I can do with no training. I hurt my right shoulder two years ago and though it's much better, it still doesn't take much to get painful so I don't really do pushups as part of my routine. So I was just curious to see how I'd do given my general fitness level. I made it to 15 and had the sudden urge to vomit. Just like that, I went from a touch queasy but mostly ok to "oh man this is terrible" and had to rush off to the restroom.

I was sick all night Wednesday and all day Thursday. Even today my tummy isn't too happy, but things are definitely better. I have a theory that I may have poisoned myself with the water bottle that I tote around everywhere. Usually I run it through the dishwasher or bleach it out every few days, but Friday morning as I went to fill it up I realized - after a quick sniff inside - that it'd been much longer than a few days since I had last cleaned it. Let me tell you, it's not something I'm likely to forget again.

Yesterday I tried running on the treadmill again and after the warm up, the calf seemed fine so I went for it. I ran longer than I ever have before. I was nearing 45 minutes and 4 miles (11 minute miles, hence my thinking of what I do as a "trot"), thinking I felt fine and could probably go for the full hour when the twinge came back. I was so close to the 45 minute mark that I figured I could round it out and still be ok. Perhaps I should have just stopped. Now my leg is stiffer than it ever was before. Though I must say it felt great being able to run that long. (I had the realization that, with a little work, I could do something like run in a 5k or something. Not that I want to or will. It was just kind of thrilling to realize I *could*, you know? That's always seemed like something so out of the realm of possibility that I never even considered it before). I was just starting to get that small amount of cardiovascular fatigue that tells me I can push myself a bit further, though not too far, so was disappointed that my leg decided it was just plain done.

Before moving on to lifting weights I decided to try the pushup thing again and this time made it to 50. I think that if I did them in sets I might actually be able to make 100 much faster than I ever dreamed. Not that I want to or will (my pectorals are sore today, yikes), but again it's kind of thrilling to realize I *could*.

The Salt Wars continue apace. Sadly, I lose more battles than I should. I had a physical recently and my blood pressure is still good, so I'm not pressed to make drastic changes. Thankfully. Of course I do best on days when I prepare most of what I eat myself, so the issue is finding ways to work less outside cooking into my routine. For example, I love the chicken flatbread salad from Quiznos (no dressing, not all of the bread), but it's got a ton of sodium in it. It's hard giving things like that up that are mostly healthy - except for that pesky sodium. Obviously I could do a fine substitute for the salad's just, I don't and I need to. On the plus side, the food tracking I started when I started the Salt War has helped me make good changes with portion sizes and whatnot. Thus weight loss, while very slow, has been pretty continuous - a method that has always worked best for me.

Despite what all the experts recommend, I still don't have a specific end goal in mind. I'd like to lose more weight. I'd like to consistently eat a reasonable amount of sodium. I'd like to more or less continue the general fitness activities I'm doing now. So I guess this all means I'm on the right track and just more of the same is needed to keep moving in the direction I desire.

That, and I need to make sure I absolutely, positively, mustmustmust sanitize my water bottle on a very regular basis.
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