Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

Quick and Dirty Post

My husband is on his way to pick me up, so I figured it was a good time to stretch this muscle again. It's been about a month? A little less? Eep, I win the bad blogger award again.

Given short time span to write and many topics I have to choose from, I'll bring you a tiny taste of each - at some point I may just expand on them further:

--This year's trip to Hawaii was a little different for me in that I seem to have more of an impression of people and food floating 'round my mind than places and culture (which has been the case for my 2006 and 2007 trips). The super-duper short version on the food front is that a) I believe that a good meal in good company ranks up there as one of my Top 3 Life Pleasures, and b) if you're in Honolulu DO NOT MISS Stage. You have go through a furniture store to get to it, which may not work for the faint of heart, but I promise you it's worth the trip. I really must say more about this place later because it was one of the best meals ever, ever, ever. Really, that good. (We had a couple of different types of Cakebread wines with dinner, which is one of my favorite vintners and undoubtedly the glow of good wine had something to do with the over-all experience -- which I guess means you need to try some of the wine, too. They have plenty to choose from, and according to a wine lover in our party, the list was "phenomenal".)

--I don't even know how to express how very relieved I am that Obama won. It's not that I think McCain is a bad person (though the thought of Palin as President frankly scared the crap out of me), it's just that I agree with the person on Bill Maher's show who said it appears that of late he's lost his rudder. On another note, I must say that there were a few times throughout the campaign when I wanted to poke things with a hot stabbity knife, but over-all the tone of this election was far and away the least rancorous of the past four elections to my mind. The last two with Bush and the previous two with the slings against Clinton were examples of some of the most downright dirty and enfuriating campaigns I know about. If the reason for that has to do with the tone set by the candidates and what they would allow, I applaud them both.

--The rain has started in earnest and coupled with the early arrival of night, I'm feeling quite the urge to hibernate. It's amazing, really, how this sensation seems completely beyond any puny mental power I can bring to bear against it. I can think all I want about eating healthy and sleeping healthy and keeping up with the exercise, but my body just responds "Eat. Sleep. Repeat" to every such thought. Ugh.

OK, husband's about to knock at the gate, so I'm posting without proofing for spelling, grammar, etc. so forgive the errors.

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