Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote,
Princess Strokenham

Solstice Snow

Winter sure came in like winter this year, unlike most years where it comes in with a shower of rain.

It snowed all day yesterday and it was great! I awoke in time to head off to my favorite class at the gym and took a peek outside as I was getting ready: it was already snowing. It had built up to about an inch or two at that time and the clouds had the look of it not ending any time soon. New, fresh snow like that isn't bad at all to drive or walk on, so I just went a bit slower than usual and enjoyed every minute of it. It does this kind of thing so rarely here and that blanket of white makes nearly everything look lovely and clean, so it's very hard not to love it.

After returning home I showered and the husband and I went out to do some Christmas errands. I painted some mugs for a couple of the kids and got cocoa mix to go with them, but I still hadn't had a chance to pick up the mugs from the ceramics store, so off we went for that. They tuned out terrific - and now I want one for me! - and the things my daughter and her friend painted came out great, so over-all I'd say I found the prices at this store a bit much, but we had a great time the day we painted everything so maybe it was worth the cost. (I have a whole story about those mugs,'s on to my "It's Typical" list, like how I manage EVERY TIME to choose the line at the grocery store that takes the longest to get through, no matter what strategy I employ to avoid it.) The ceramic store is located on a hill and we almost got stuck in the parking lot. Thankfully the only other vehicles in the parking lot weren't near us, because it took about a dozen attempts involving backing up, moving sideways, then crawling forward before we were finally able to reach the lip of the volcano mini hill we were on and get over the hump to the other side.

For our next act, we mosied on to a little local mall that includes a book store. As we were entering that parking lot, we slid and came within about a centimeter of slamming into someone. What cracked us up (after our hearts resumed normal rhythm) was that the guy honked his horn. You see, we were turning the corner to the right and he was in a lane waiting for a light to turn left, thus we had full eye contact with the guy the whole time. So why the horn? Was it to act as some kind of force field around his SUV? Let us know with sound what we already knew with vision? It was a mystery.

Anyway, we completed our mission at the book store and decided with two strikes against us, the best thing we could do was head for home and not tempt fate. We made a stop to pick up a few groceries - the store is close enough for walking, but not for carrying the things we needed, like cat litter - and slid on in to home.

I quickly added a couple of layers of clothes and struck out for a walk. It was still snowing and the light was going, and I wanted a few minutes to take it all in before night fell. It was lovely. Just lovely. I got a few pictures in before my batteries died (and now I can't locate the camera - grrr!) and couldn't help but be struck by the beauty of how the light sparkled on the blanket of snow that covered the grass at our local park, how amazing it was to see the little stream bed growing ice from the banks in towards the center of the water, how cheerful it made everyone out there, actually, because this kind of thing happens so rarely and for such brief stretches here that it makes us all feel like kids again.

I returned home, wrapped the final gift that needed wrapping for my daughter, then struck out to pick her up. It was now full dark, so that was a slow trip, but still just fine despite the snow that was still falling. Once we got home, the three of us went out for a walk together and the whole experience of marveling started all over again. We later heard our area received 11" of snow, so there was a decent amount of it to sink ourselves into wherever we went.

By the time we got home, we were all half-starved, so I quickly made us dinner of soup and grilled sandwiches, and we snuggled in for an evening of watching a movie.

At some point I guess I fell asleep on the couch because the next thing I knew it was 7:30 this morning and my hair looked like a wild bird of prey had made a nest of it. Here it is a couple of hours later and taking a shower still sounds as good as going back to bed. Today's prediction is for freezing rain, which could mean lots of power outages, and there will be no driving around for my daughter and me. My husband is already at work, where I expect he'll have a slow and quiet day. With the threat of a power outage, I keep thinking it would be good for me to shower and then do some chores that really need to be done - instead of my usual thing which is to do the chores first, then take the shower. I just think that if we lose power, I'd regret using my existing hot water for doing dishes whereas I know that wouldn't be the case were I to use it for a shower. On the other hand, I always like taking the shower after the chores so any cleaning solutions, not to mention sweat, can all get washed away when I'm done.

Now you know what my day will be: quiet little struggles over doing what I *should* instead of doing what I *want* interspersed with long looks outside at a gorgeous vista of white, white, white. It's already icy on top of the snow, so I don't know how much we'll be walking around in it today.

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