January 7th, 2008

summer reading


Back at work today and have already been dealt a few surprises. Changes at the upper management level of the company which, had I been reading the Wall Street Journal, I would've known about. Changes here in my office. Changes with clients. And a few claims (funnily enough, one of the claims was the exact situation that happened here in my office this morning, though ours was much less severe: a coffee machine started leaking on a Friday night and it wasn't discovered until water had done some severe damage to a couple of floors of an office building).

But nothing got me really riled up until I came across this: since the beginning of November, up until the day before I left on vacation, I've been following up with my accounting department for some crucial information that is required in order to process a billing. In my absence, instead of responding with said crucial information, one of the people I've been asking for help sent an e-mail to one of my colleagues asking when that item was going to be billed. What the hell? I can only conclude that a) this guy is an ass, b) he doesn't read his e-mail, or c) both. This isn't the first time this person has done this to me, which is why I now communicate nearly all of the time with him via e-mail - that way, there's a trail leading to his idiocy. But it really irritates me that such steps even need to be taken...if he'd just answer my damn questions, none of this would be necessary.

Now I'm off to deal with that and make myself a To Do list for the days ahead. I still feel relaxed and glad I had the break, but it's kind of amazing how quickly that little glow starts to dim when planted back in front of the computer again.
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