January 28th, 2008

summer reading

Well, it's Monday so Yes, this is the Best I Can Do

Here's something made of awesome: Wil Wheaton has 3 hours of MTV recorded in 1983 over at his blog. The funny thing is, most of the music (not to mention the commercials) are things I'd ignore back in the day. Now? I feel like I'm half archeologist studying cultural artifacts from Days of Yoren and I'm half sniffly from nostalgia. A few random observations: albums don't cost much more to buy now than they did 25 years ago (crap! 25 years!). It's true, they really did use to play music on MTV (that "M" standing for "music"). You had to work to get information back then...like, say, when a band was coming your way for a concert. And when they were coming, you had to go to the venue, stand in a line (perhaps overnight) and buy your ticket in person.

And here's something made of that oogly-woogly feeling: I went out looking for something on Google, one thing lead to another (as it does) and the next thing I knew I discovered there's another fiveandfour out there in internet-land. On the one hand, it feels totally weird. On the other hand, perhaps this means I can start being a real jerk online then say, "It wasn't me!" when I get called on it. Oh sweet, sweet alibi-in-advance: it almost makes up for the oogly-wooglies.