February 8th, 2008

summer reading

Sorta' Quick One While I Prepare & Drink Some Tea

I had an allergy attack this week which had me taking a new (to me) prescription drug called Xyzal. Man, that stuff knocked me out. I haven't had a pill in about 36 hours and even after a full night's sleep, I could go back to bed right now and sleep half the day away. So groggy. I've had a cup of tea and it barely made a dent. I'm going for cup #2 in the hopes that it'll be the one to wake me up. I seriously doubt I can even drive right now I'm so out of it.

Last week-end my family went to see Juno, which is every bit as fantastic as you've heard. I almost regret using my free movie pass to see it because it seems like you should see a movie where you think, "Well, at least it was free" as you are walking out when you use a free ticket. This movie gave me the opposite sensation to "Well, at least it was free" as I was leaving. Everyone is just fantastic; I think it'll have some people seeing Jason Bateman in a new light (if they didn't already thanks to Arrested Development).

My husband also randomly picked up The Nines this week at the video store*. He didn't like it nearly as much as I did. I don't want to say too much about it. It's like Atonement in that way where you feel like giving any clues at all regarding the story will significantly lessen the impact for the person you're trying to convince to try it. But I just adore those kinds of stories where every scene serves the story, only you don't realize just how it serves the story until the very end. Then you sit back and marvel at how all those scenes gave clues and information - it was just that you had yourself convinced all those things meant something else and you had no idea they meant what they really meant. It's the kind of story where you want to go back and start it all over again so you can see all those things you misinterpreted the first time through. It made me wonder how a writer constructs such a story. For myself, I imagine I'd have to start the writing process at least mid-way through the story, probably doing all of the middle and end before even getting on the beginning. There are people who can construct a story like that from start to finish, I suppose, and I suppose I might have to hate them for their brilliance, too. This story did all that and managed to tell some auto-biographical things from the writer's life. Amazing.

OK, 2nd cup of tea isn't doing a thing for the grogginess. Now what?

*There are some actors you can depend on to put themselves in movies you'll like more times than not. Ryan Reynolds is one of those people for me. I still have trouble picturing him with Alanis Morissette; could be that's just because I only ever saw them talking about one another, but I never saw them interacting with one another. I guess since they broke up they had some trouble with that picture, too - it's just...I never could even get the hazy outlines on that one.