March 27th, 2008

summer reading


Today I set out to dress for the weather. It's snowing. The last time that I recall it snowing during Spring Break (in Oregon, Spring Break for schools is the last week of March) was in the 1980s. I left the house without one of the key ingredients for adding warmth: the suit jacket. D'oh! I was quite unhappy with myself as I waited for the bus.

In other news, various members of my family had been planning to gather at Grandma's house for a few days. We know Grandma was ecstatic at the idea of having a kid, grandkids and great-grandkids under her roof. But there are 14 inches of snow and blizzard-like conditions between our side of the mountain range and hers, with more snow coming tomorrow, so that trip is off. That's too bad - I'm sure everyone would've really enjoyed the visit. It's becoming more of a sore spot now that Grandma is getting older and less able to get herself around independently that she lives "over there" while nearly all of her family lives "over here". She has her church, a few family members, and many friends where she lives - but her daughter and grandkids and great-grandkids are all over here. It's an unfair choice for both "sides" of the family when it comes to expecting closer living or more frequent in person contact: she's comfortable where she is and still doing well enough in her own home so naturally doesn't want to leave it, and everyone else has full lives and their own reasons for staying where they are. Well, it's a common enough story in the U.S. since we like to move around so much, but its commonality makes it no easier for families where the people actually like one another.

And finally, I received news today that in Eastern Australia and New Zealand they are changing the end-time for Daylight Savings Time similar to how we changed its start time here in the U.S. You know, in these increasingly global times it's a wonder to me that people haven't been able to come to some agreement on a common start and end date for DST, like how a common agreement was made to "start the clock" with Greenwich Mean Time.