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June 2008 - frazzled and bedazzled — LiveJournal
01:05 am: Argh!
04:01 pm: Don't Be That Guy - 8 comments
08:59 am: Say What, Now? - 2 comments
01:03 pm: Shout Out for Help with Adobe - 2 comments
09:57 am: Day of Whining, Part Deux
09:04 am: Am I Bugging You? I Don't Mean to Bug 'Ya - 4 comments
09:06 am: An Open Letter - 5 comments
10:35 pm: I *Think* I Started Out with a Point. I Don't Know Where It Went, Though.
08:00 am: Mini Rant: Does No One Take Pride in What They Do Any More?
12:41 pm: I Just Keep Telling Myself it's Almost Over