June 12th, 2008

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Say What, Now?

This morning's clearing out of the e-mail brought a couple of things to light which raised an eyebrow (or two).

Item the First: real estate owners in Spain are suing Greenpeace over a depiction of beach front property being underwater thanks to global warming. Given that it's traditionally harder to get a suit like this off the ground outside the United States (boy, we love our lawsuits here) it will be interesting to see where this goes. I say stay strong and don't settle, Greenpeace. Getting people to stop developing right next to the oceans would be a good thing, and not just because it will save everyone in the long run when it comes to natural disasters. You see, in Oregon, the public owns the land adjacent to the ocean, which means - provided you can get there from the road and the ocean (there are rock cliffs, forests, hills and dales, etc. lining the coast) - the public can go on pretty much any beach from border to border. This is Right and Good in my opinion and it's really too bad other places haven't worked out a similar concept for their ocean-facing land.

Item the Second: Madonna Tickets. I don't know why, but I receive updates of concerts that are happening in Las Vegas. Included in the notice for the next few months was an advertisement for Madonna's upcoming tour. I couldn't believe it included a "sub-ad" for StubHub which says, "StubHub is the Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet North American Tour". Apparently, they aren't kidding. In what world would an artist consider it a good thing to have a larger ad for the secondary ticket market associated with their tour than the primary market? Seriously, the general announcement took up a reasonable amount of space while the StubHub ad took up about 4 times that amount of space. The secondary market is based on buying huge lots of tickets from the source at a cost the artist has concluded is fair, then selling them on to the fans at huge markups. What artist would choose to do this to their fans? I'm thinking Madonna probably didn't approve this kind of thing. While I'm not particularly interested in seeing the concert and not personally concerned about how much the tickets are going to cost, a lot of people are interested and will be affected. It's too bad, really. But now that the technology horse has left the stable and taken off at a flat run for the horizon, I don't know how it can ever be fenced in again.

And unrelated to anything but my need to whine: the sciatica is back with a vengeance and I am so stinking miserable. I forgot how bad it can be, but last night certainly reminded me. Ugh, I'm an unhappy and uncomfortable girl just now.
summer reading

Shout Out for Help with Adobe

Here's my situation: I have an existing document and I'd like to insert some additional pages into it without having to re-scan the entire thing. If I'm reading things right, to "attach files" in Adobe, one must have that option turned on. My company, natch, does not have that option turned on. Is there hope? Is there a way to insert separate PDFs into an existing PDF?

If that's hopeless, the document will need to be re-scanned. I'd like to have the document broken up into sections because it's hella large and being able to skip around the sections would be very useful. I know this option is turned on with our version of Adobe because I receive PDFs like that all the time, but I don't know how to use it. Does anyone know how to do this?