July 21st, 2008

summer reading

Send in the Clowns

It's perfectly natural that work was able to annoy me in less than an hour on a Monday morning, right? Sure, the bus system warmed up the crabbiness by being 2 minutes early - I hate early buses, there's nothing you can do but gripe to yourself as the bus toodles off down the street, leaving you standing there oh-so-close to the stop it shouldn't have even arrived at yet - but I thought that had worked its way out of my system by the time I got to work. At least there wasn't some idiot carrying on a conversation on her cell phone for the entire 45 minute trip today like there was last Friday. That definitely had me arriving crabby and irritated. But today, I sat myself down at the stop and ate about a half a pint of raspberries (so good - nom nom) and took in the sunshine and did my best to be philosophical about it all.

Then I start my way through my e-mails and, sure enough, there was one in there that flared up the annoyance all over again. I do not understand why my accounting dept has asked me the same basic question (just clothed in new and different ways each time) about the same client month in and month out since last November. Do they not save e-mails like everyone else? In what way is it efficient to not get a basic concept through one's thick skull then force someone else to go through the process of explaining the same thing all over again that the person explained just last month? Here's the thing: the answer is still the same. They *know* it's still the same because the contract in question applies for a one-year period. Things dealing with accounting and numbers and money are my least favorite aspects of this job to start with; having to deal with what seems to me a pretty simple concept - yet one complicated enough in execution to require me to do research on it every time it comes up - is guaranteed to work like a red flag in front of a bull.

So where's the clown that I can flip up into the air and jostle around a bit to take care of some of this frustration? I may not be able to get the red flag and the idiot waving it around, but I'm pretty certain taking out a clown would do wonders for my disposition just now.