July 23rd, 2008

summer reading

Fantasy Follow Up

I told my husband the stories of yesterday's two elevator experiences. After the rogue apostrophe story he groaned. No surprise there. After the cop & fireman story there was consternation.

"What?" I said.

"Well, after I get hit on, I feel all creeped out and shuddery. After you get flirted with, you're all smiles."

"But...it was a policeman! And a fireman!" I said with that certitude one has when of course the explanation makes perfect sense. It's a QED situation: undebatable, the proof right there in front of one's face. Instead I got the non-verbal equivalent of "?????"

"Isn't there some equivalent in the male fantasy world to the cop and the fireman?"

"Uh, no."

This took me up short. But then I realized, he's totally right. There is no such equivalent to the whole heroic/rescue me thing that surrounds this particular female fantasy type. And why would there be? There aren't millenia of fairy tales, myths and stories about women rescuing men in our cultural lexicon like there are with men rescuing women.

I'll admit, the rescue me fantasy has never been a particular thing I've ever cared much about. Well, maybe just a touch with the firemen. Because that's some serious heroism - running into something that's on fire. Which is not to say there's no heroism in police work, it's just that with policemen there's also the implication of a certain kind of moral inflexibility which I find difficult to get along with[1], and having some niggling thought about not getting along with a certain type of person pretty much automatically ruins a fantasy. So, rescue me fantasy: firemen~sort of, policemen~no. But when confronted with the double whammy right there in front of my face, well, what's a girl to do? From some place buried so deep I didn't even know it existed, I felt the attraction of the fantasy rise up and take over.

Sheesh, so it turns out that not only am I "that guy", I'm also a big ol' *girl*. Who knew? I certainly didn't.

[1]This statement implies I don't have some moral inflexibilities of my own, which I do. It's just that I've generally found my brand of moral inflexibility doesn't seem to mix well with certain other people's moral inflexibilities. I've come to believe it's a Sagittarius thing because my oldest brother, another Sagittarian, exhibits this trait, too. His moral inflexibility is along the lines of the Moral Majority type while mine is along the lines of the Liberal and Proud of It type - and never the twain shall meet.]