July 29th, 2008

summer reading

People Are Weird. And So Am I.

Am v. tired for no discernible reason. I was so very tired last night that I plopped into bed at approximately 9pm. I read for a little while, then the next thing I knew it was 10:45 and my cat was trying to get my attention by nipping my hand. I realized my husband was in bed so I couldn't scoot her in that direction, so pushed her off the side and konked back out.

At 5:30 when my alarm went off I thought, "Run?" Then, "No. Decided yesterday to do no exercise today. Whew." and konked back out. I had some kind of action-adventure dream involving being incarcerated for something I didn't do that involved a dramatic rescue. Next thing I knew I was late, late, late and had to scurry about to make it to work on time. All the scurrying to avoid getting in too late was for naught, however, as train issues had me blocked from catching my bus. I was, literally, from the wrong side of the tracks. There's a new commuter rail that's supposed to get going any day now on that track and I'm now scared about what that's going to mean for me and traffic and my habit of leaving home at the last possible moment for catching my buses.


On another subject, I've been thinking of this one particular friend who lives in another city. That kind of thinking where you compose a letter or an e-mail in your head, but never get around to typing it up because as soon as you sit down to do it, all those pre-composed thoughts go missing and nothing you can think of seems worthy of breaking the ice since the last time you spoke. Then more things happen and you see more things that remind you of that person and more composition occurs, but still no communicating goes on. Well, this friend sent me an e-mail today (after some thinking and pre-composing of her own). Isn't it amazing how a little note from a friend can make such a positive impact on your day? She gave me a couple of pieces of news that had me exclaiming aloud, "Oh, that's so cool!" and "Awesome!" and I bounced through the next hour of my day. I really must actually send a reply tonight.

Yawn with eye watering.

On yet another subject, I went to step class last night and just could not get this one move down. Here's the thing: in step classes, they always compose the moves in mirror images. So you do a series of things starting off on the right side, then repeat the series starting off on the left (and vice versa). Well, there was this one particular step that I could get when starting on my left foot, but for some reason, I couldn't get it when starting on my right. I watched the instructor. I watched other people. I watched my feet and did comparisons. All to no avail - my brain simply couldn't translate how to do the mirror image of what I knew how to do starting on my left foot into what to do when starting on my right foot. Then today it just came to me. I was walking down the street and I felt compelled to do the move right then and there to prove I could. I held myself back - just - and didn't skip-to-the-lou down the street. But you know I'll be doing that as soon as I'm home alone where no one can see, right?

And finally, this is going to sound really weird... Because it is weird, I think. But. (OK, just spit it out!) Is it some new thing everyone's doing to flush toilets with the feet? Here's why I ask: I brush my teeth after lunch so I'm in the restroom during the day - sometimes kind of hovering around if someone needs to use a sink when I'm still at the brushing stage. Last week as I was leaning over the sink, something compelled me to turn my head and I saw in one of the mirrors that someone was flushing with their foot. I thought it odd, but figured it was one person so didn't think much more about it. Then of course I started paying attention and I swear someone has done it every single time I've looked. All different people. When did this start? And if people are so concerned about germs on the handle, what's wrong with using a couple of squares of tissue instead? I do not get this one. At all. But is it just me? After several days of seeing this, I'm starting to wonder if I missed a memo or something.