August 15th, 2008

summer reading


A few times while out on my morning trot, I've passed a man and his German Shepard. The first time I saw the man I thought, "Irish" and the first time I saw the dog I thought, "Awwww." The dog was grinning at me and giving me a hopeful look of inquiry as to whether I wished to toss around a ball with him. The man gave me a nod and continued on with his dog going one direction, and I continued going the opposite direction.

This morning I was at my stretching post (so convenient - a spot to set down the water bottle and lean against a post while stretching) and the dog came down the path toward me. It spotted me, then went back to his master. A moment later they were both there and the man asked if I'd been introduced to Geogh yet. He explained that Geogh has been trained as a rescue dog so I needn't be afraid of him. The dog had wandered off a little ways to observe our conversation and I put my hand out, palm down, so he could sniff it. The man gave him the ok in Gaelic to come to me (cute and bi-lingual), and he did. There was a brief sniff then a rub against my legs to pass off his scent and welcome me into the fold. The owner and I chatted for another brief minute or so, then off we went again in our separate directions.

If only dogs weren't so much work. And if only they didn't deserve more than the odd walk we're able to give them when our schedules get whizzy. But I'd love to have one just like Geogh, so sweet natured and fun-loving.

We do have a cat with some dog-like aspects to her personality, but obviously it's not the same. Cats don't really enjoy hopping in the car for a ride along on errand day. Cats don't really enjoy getting leashed up, any time - day or night, for a trip outside.

On the other hand, I'm still vacuuming dog hair out of my car from the dog we haven't had for over a year. I'll just have to keep that in mind the next time I see a dog and think, "Awwww".