November 14th, 2008

summer reading

You'll Probably Want to Skip What Follows

 I'm at that shimmery place between pre-menstrual and menstrual. Consequently, I want to:
  • Kick something
  • Have a good laugh
  • Sleep
  • Eat chocolate
  • Have a thorough work out or run
  • Kick something else
  • Drink 'til I'm stupid (stupider?)
  • Curse.  A lot. 
  • Carve out my abdomen and not let it back until it behaves in a more team-like manner (i.e. stops causing me pain I can do nothing about)
  • Have a massage and a long bath, or maybe a long bath and a massage
  • And oh hell, I'll admit it: perhaps kick one last thing, because it should've known better than to be in my way today