December 16th, 2008

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I've created and discarded a couple of posts because I was boring myself unto death with them and didn't want to inflict them on the world. To prevent this happening again, I believe I'll go with a bulleted list here. Get a few things out, then hove off to bed.

*It's cold here. Like snow and ice and consistently below-freezing temperatures cold. It's a winter wonderland to look at and a pain in the ass (sometimes literally, after slipping and falling) to walk around in. Plus there's the 8 layers of clothes I have to get myself up in whenever I want to venture out. Really, it makes one re-think the griping about the months-on-end of rain we usually have this time of year.

*We've got some issue going on with our browser (Safari) and it keeps shutting itself down as soon as it opens a web page. My husband reminded me that it started the day that I fired up my new iPod nano last week. In an unrelated (possibly?) tech problem, our e-mail is also all wonky and we haven't seen e-mail at home for a couple of weeks. We keep being told that we are entering the incorrect password, but as it's the only one we've ever had, it's mystifying how it can be the wrong one. Of course, it would be useful to be able to use the internet to find solutions, but since the browser is out of whack, that's not happening.

*What I've noticed, apart from over-all internet withdrawal symptoms since I haven't been able to do my usual rounds (anything good happen since last week?), is that we've come to rely on the internet an awful lot for answering little everyday questions. What's tomorrow's weather forecast? That's easy enough to look up. When did that movie come out? Google city. What time is the bus expected? My routes are saved as favorites and the answer is a click away. How do I get there again? Maps and directions, coming right up. None of it is unbearable to live without, like heat in wintertime, but it's a little wake up call to see just how much we use and depend on it.

*Thanks to the weather, I hadn't been for exercise in 3 days and so felt I just *had* to go tonight. It's another thing I've come to rely on: exercise as a stress reliever. I've become used to a Sunday afternoon run and that was out this week thanks to the snow (though I did take a walk), but I doubt I could have done it anyway because this mysterious pain in my left knee has started up when I run. For some reason, walking, step class, the elliptical machine, and a few other things I've been doing don't irritate it. But after just a few moments of running, the pain starts in and only gets worse and worse if I try to work through it. I read somewhere recently that running is one of the lowest utilized types of exercise (by percentage of those who report exercising) yet has one of the highest injury rates. If my mysterious knee pain is anything to go by, I can see why. It doesn't make sense to me that other types of physical activity that are also pretty vigorous and that also involve weight bouncing on the knee wouldn't cause pain, while running does. Just before the pain flared up, I had decided my next running goal was to be able to run 5 miles "comfortably". I was so close to that goal and it's so frustrating to think in some ways this pain means taking a couple of steps back from reaching that point. But that's life, no? Dealing with these little frustrations.

Well, the husband is working tonight and I've shipped my daughter off to stay with a friend because a big snowstorm is predicted tomorrow and I wanted to be sure she'd be with people if it comes to pass and I'm at work. Thus it's so very quiet here that I think I can not only huddle down under the covers, but actually get to sleep, too - and I think that's exactly what I'm going to do now. G'night, all.