December 19th, 2008

summer reading

Snow Snow Snow

Last night as I was leaving the gym, it started to snow again. This landed over a sheet of ice that was covering another layer of snow, so it was a slippery drive home. Despite the added aggravation for walking and driving (I slipped quite a bit coming home), I couldn't help but find it lovely. We get snow so rarely here that it doesn't really get old for me. It's just kind of unfortunate that it has to be so darned cold to get it.

Today finds part of I-5 closed down due to an accident on an icy spot, so the morning commute is all messed up. Our bus system has a tracking system, which I've been relying on quite a bit this week. It's lovely to be able to check the actual expected arrival time of my bus (vs. the scheduled time) before leaving work or home and thus avoid standing outside in the cold for hours, which has happened on many occasions before. It's been a touch spotty at times, though. For example, last night I looked up my bus and it had one expected in 4 minutes and another in 26 minutes. I knew there was no way I could make the one in 4, so planned on winding down and layering up in time to meet the one due in 26. Funny thing was, though, that every few minutes I'd check back and that one due in 4 minutes was still due in 4 minutes. Eventually I caught that very bus. Perhaps it had just been stuck for awhile? Who knows. (Unfortunately I forgot my walking-in-the-snow shoes at work in the process and I've been unhappy about that since there's yet more snow on the ground).

This morning I was getting ready to stand and wait and gave one last call in to the tracking system. I found the bus due any minute when I left the house was then delayed over 40 minutes. I decided to come on home and have some breakfast, then go back. I've had my breakfast, poked around the internet, am thinking of more breakfast because am still hungry, and notice that the arrival time is still at the over 40 minute mark. So I'm guessing it's maybe stuck somewhere? All I know is I'm glad to have the tools that allow me to wait it out here at home instead of outside in the cold, as has always been the case in the past.

This afternoon my office is having a little BYOB party. At least, I *think* it's BYOB. When I awoke this morning, one of my first thoughts was to wonder whether or not I should take some liquor in with me today. In the end I decided I may as well since, knowing the people I work with, it would be appreciated if not required at the party. After poking around, I decided upon chocolate liqeuer for two reasons: the size of the bottle is smaller than the vodka and thus less cumbersome to carry around, an important consideration for someone who slips and falls with marvelous ease, and I figured it would mix well with coffee, which people may want to have before leaving for the evening's commute. Most everyone seems to be taking public transport, even the ones we've made private bets on never, ever doing so. To be fair, there are some parts of our public transit system that caters to concentrations of what we blanketly refer to as "the crazies". Now, these may at times be people who are truly mentally ill and need help (and, let's admit it, few of us are equipped to do so, especially during a commute to or from work), but mostly these are people who just choose to make the rest of the world uncomfortable - and boy, are they good at it! Luckily for me, I'm now on a route that has blessedly few of them. I do have a 30-40 year-old guy on my evening commute who calls his mother when waiting for the bus, when getting on the bus, when the bus passes a couple of key points early in the route, when the bus nears its first stop, and at every stop thereafter. He of course speaks so loud that it doesn't matter where you sit on the bus, you will hear each and every 10 second conversation, "Yeah, Ma, we're just getting to ___". I can't help but wonder about someone's need to know the details of another person's commute so intimately. In any event, this guy is as sane as can be in comparison with other people I've been on the busses or trains with, so I do understand why some people just don't want to deal with it.

(Just checked the tracker again and now my bus isn't even on the list. What does that mean, I wonder?)

In other news, I have been unable to locate something that's gone into my husband's Christmas stocking every year since I can remember doing a stocking for him: one of those large, stick-style candy canes. In fact, even regular ol' peppermint candy canes are in short supply just about everywhere I've looked. I've been to 4 stores and haven't been able to find one. I think the brand is Big Jim or Big Bob - something like that - and I'm starting to wonder if they've gone out of business or if they've just sold out at all of the stores. These things have always been so ubiquitous at this time of year, it's just amazing to me that they've been so hard to find this year.

Well, I guess that'll do for now. My bus has apparently dropped off the grid so now I need to think about options. I don't want to drive to work and from where I live there aren't really a lot of options if my usual bus isn't available. Will this mean calling my own personal snow day and staying home? Dum dum dummmmm...I guess I'll be finding out soon enough.

ETA: Finally made it, about 3 hours after I originally left for work with approx. a one hour wait outside. Sheesh! My feet currently feel like they're never going to be thawed out again. Not sure if it was worth all the fuss, to be honest.