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frazzled and bedazzled
My office was hit with a ransom virus yesterday. I had thought it was my fault because I opened a file from another office of my company where the virus had hit and the problems started soon after that. That is apparently not the case, though. Whew! They've cleaned things up, but boy did it mess up yesterday and today. Ugh.

To add some whipped cream to yesterday, it started pouring rain relatively close to the start of the evening commute time. Even here where it rains all of the time, that kind of rain snarls traffic. The cherry on top of the whipped cream was the car troubles I had on the way home. It turned out to be an easy and inexpensive fix, but being stuck in the middle of the road when there are masses of vehicles behind you that are impatient to be on their way isn't exactly stress-free.

However, I was helped in putting things into perspective a little later in my commute by an accident that happened on my route home: a steel beam had fallen onto a semi-truck. Yep. That actually happened. Thankfully, the driver wasn't injured. Not so nicely, a road that is busy and bumper-to-bumper even when things are going smoothly was absolutely miserable last night.

All in all, my 15-20 minute commute took over an hour. I was pretty danged happy to get in the door, drop my stuff, and proceed to elevate my ankle on the couch. It was also a tiny bit consoling to know that, thanks to the traffic issue, I couldn't have made it to the class at the gym that I like to take, so not making it because of my ankle didn't sting like it would otherwise.

In other news, I was brought to a halt by this statement in an online article about another salmonella outbreak at Foster Farms: "the firm has reduced the prevalence of salmonella in chicken parts to less than 10 percent, well below the industry benchmark of 25 percent".


I just...whut? My mind is blown. Totally blown.

In further news of things that have been whirling 'round my brain, I read this article about What Really Happened to Michael Rockefeller awhile back and I can't get it out of my head. I'm completely fascinated by the headhunting culture that Carl Hoffman describes and his theory for what he thinks happened totally makes sense to me. Of course, it's not proven with any certainty, but if one puts themselves in the mindset of the islanders, the motivation and logic add up - at least to me.

And finally, I've been browsing some of the video uploads by NASA's crew that is orbiting the earth. I'm totally mesmerized by many of them. What a cool time I'm living in to get to experience something like that, even vicariously by viewing it on a computer (or phone) screen.

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