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frazzled and bedazzled
Here Comes the Sun Do do Do Do
• The sun has been competing with the rain this week and the sun is mostly winning. Sunday was fantastic: I got to see a friend’s brand new baby and catch up with friends, the weather was lovely, and it made me feel happy, happy, happy. Such a nice change!
• The other night I left work and the sun was still shining and the temperature was mild and I just stood there for a moment, soaking it in. It felt quite literally like that visual representation you see when you plug in an electronic device and a little lightning bolt shows you that the battery is re-charging. I guess I really missed the sun!
• I feel so dramatically better this week compared to how I felt just two weeks ago, it’s blowing my mind. It’s making me wonder quite seriously whether 1) the seemingly never-ending illnesses that I pick up every January and/or February isn’t really just some normal thing that gets dragged out and enlarged thanks to depression and 2) if I need to pull up stakes and move somewhere that’s sunnier during the winter. Also, I’m not certain about this, but it also seems like the troughs are deeper in the winter than they were even 10 years ago – another “fun” side effect of aging?
• Downside to the extra sun: I got into my car and noticed that the windshield is about 200% dirtier than I thought it was. I have a theory that part of what makes spring cleaning feel so necessary is that it’s the first time in months that we can actually see the dirt. Prior to the sun showing itself again, we’re happily oblivious to the dirt’s existence.
• I came up with what I believe is a brilliant plan for future spring forward/fall back clock changes: do the spring forward on a Monday afternoon (because no one minds losing an hour on a Monday) and the fall back on a Friday night (in order to maximize the week-end). It can work, right? Personally, I always seem to *feel* that lost hour the most on the Monday or Tuesday afterwards, so changing the loss of that hour to a Monday and feeling it Tuesday/Wednesday would work just fine for me.
• We went out to lunch to celebrate a colleague’s birthday this week and I started counting up all of the Pisces (past and present) in my life. I’ve got:
o Adopted mom (birth mom was either an Aries or a Taurus)
o Older Sister
o Younger Sister
o Younger Brother
o Nephew
o Father-in-Law
o Grandmother-in-Law
o 1 Former Colleague I keep in touch with
o 2 Current Colleagues
What I find a bit strange about it is that, apparently, people of the Pisces and Sagittarius persuasion are supposed to get on like a house on fire. In reality, the only one out of these ten people that I’ve ever had any true connection with/seek out to spend time with is the former colleague. I also find it interesting that I seem to have clusters of certain astrology signs in my life (the people I’ve been closest to have been Libras, Sagittarians, and Capricorns), and there are just a handful of all other star signs represented. (I’m guessing there are likely a few not represented at all.) This life-long pattern is one of those things that intrigues and puzzles me because while the logical side of me would say, “What does a person’s astrology sign really have to do with who a person is?”, the instinctive side of me acknowledges that while it shouldn’t make a difference, it seems to be important all the same.
• My baby girl will be graduating high school in mere months (weeks, even!) and is starting to figure out what she wants to do. Nearly all of the options include moving away from home. There’s a part of me that’s saying, “Noooooooooo, don’t go! It can’t be time yet, surely?” while another part is excited for her to be moving on to college and taking steps to form her adult life. It’s such an exciting while scary time in her life and it’s kind of impossible to believe that it’s already here. Seeing that infant on Sunday highlighted just how many phases have come and gone since my daughter was born, but through all of them she’s been her own person with a unique personality who dances to the beat of her own drum. She has been delightful to know every step of the way and I am happy for her sake that quite soon she’ll be able to feel a sense of power and control over what happens next.
• A few friends and I were discussing trying to organize a brunch outing in the near future. With everyone having their own family life, it’s hard getting more than 2-3 people together at any one time – we always have to plan weeks-to-months in advance to pull it off. It’s been so many years since I’ve gone to brunch that I don’t really know where to go. I guess this means I’m going to have to take one for the team and try a few places in the near future? Yes! I can taste the Bloody Marys while sitting on a sun-soaked deck already!
• I was realizing the other day that I need some event to look forward to, like a couple of days off or even a small trip. The state of my finances means I can't do anything too elaborate, but surely I can do something? I'm really going to have to set aside some daydreaming time to ponder this one...

Well. Now that I’ve made myself hungry for pancakes and eggs and hash browns and bacon and fresh-squeezed juice and tea with lemon, I guess my work here is done. (Why do I do this to myself?!?)


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