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frazzled and bedazzled
Mmmm...there's Apple Pie and Cherry Pie and Coconut Cream Pie and...
*I've been having trouble sleeping lately, including last night when I clocked about 3 hours of it. As a consequence, I'm feeling like a stroppy toddler today: punch drunk laughing at absurdities one minute and grumbling expletives under my breath the next. (To be fair to myself, it ALWAYS makes me grouchy when someone asks me to do something, I do it, then that person inserts themselves into the process in a way that adds confusion, not value. Grrr! It's kind of a work pet peeve of mine: either have me do it or do it yourself. Don't insert yourself into the middle when you have no idea where things stand. It pretty much never works out. Double grrr!) Given my...moodiness...I should probably just plan on going home directly after work even though there is a part of me that's thinking a drink with a friend would be nice.
*In honor of pi day, I'm waging an epic internal debate as to which sort of pie to consume. Because, you know, this is *important*. Decisions, decisions...
*My husband and I followed most of the Jeopardy! episodes featuring Arthur Chu as the returning champion. For the record, I found his strategy of trampling the board in search of Double Jeopardy answers to be highly irritating (not to mention illogical). Anyway, on his next-to-final appearance, there were three instances throughout the game when both Arthur and another player weren't awarded points based on a technically incorrect question. Thus, I was a bit confused by the fact that Arthur Chu had a technically incorrect response for his final Jeopardy! answer, yet there was no discussion of it. Arthur would have won the game regardless, so it wasn't a matter of snatching victory away from him or anything - it was just puzzling to me that it was a feature a few times during the game, yet it wasn't caught for final Jeopardy! The next day I was telling my husband (before the game started) that I was curious to know if they would address it then: but, no they didn't. My husband just laughed and said, "Boy, when you don't like someone, you REALLY don't like them." Well. Yes. Guilty as charged. But in this instance it wasn't a case of disliking the player (I was irritated by his playing strategy, but he seemed nice enough), it was a case of frustration over an uneven application of the rules. All of which is to say that sometimes I can let the biggest things go, but I'll completely obsess over the little details.
*Decent-ish weather is forecasted for the week-end and I was realizing during this morning's dog walk how much I'm looking forward to just being outside. It's almost a case of not even caring specifically what I do out there - I'm apparently suffering that strain of spring fever which propels you out of doors just because you can be out of doors. (You'll notice I'm not suffering the strain which is telling me I really need to get on task with cleaning stuff like windows and under my bed.)
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