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Sad and Sorry Tenth-Hearted (as opposed to Half-Hearted) Version of a Monday Pep Talk - frazzled and bedazzled — LiveJournal
Sad and Sorry Tenth-Hearted (as opposed to Half-Hearted) Version of a Monday Pep Talk
Had a lovely week-end. Not weather-wise, but as respects feeling good and getting a lot accomplished.

Next week-end is already kind of planned out with not a lot of free time for hanging around at home, so I wanted to get through a few Spring Cleaning chores this past week-end. And I did.

One of them was to clean up the barbeque grill because the time of outdoor cooking is almost nigh. It's kind of weird that my family seems to do nearly all of our outdoor grilling during the warmer times of year because the grill is located on a patio that's easy enough to access any time. (We did barbeque our turkey one Thanksgiving and it was one of the best turkeys I've ever eaten, so you'd think that would be motivation enough.) However, I guess when you take into account the not-fun aspects of monitoring your food while standing in the pouring rain, it's probably not all that weird after all. I know there are a bajillion things on the internet about cleaning the grates and I'll need to do that (last) bit next. I'd say I got through over half of my spring cleaning chores, so a nice bit of work is done even if I do need to tackle the windows still, which always looms large in my mind as an enormous pain in the rear of a task that inevitably gets left until last.

I felt really terrific all week-end, with lots of energy and an unquenchable desire to Go Go Go. In contrast, today I feel like I've been drugged, and even after having twice the amount of caffeine I normally drink, I feel as little above unconscious as it's possible to be. I slept fine last night and even had relatively good dreams that involved catching two men who were working together as serial killers AND avoiding a going-in-between-a-momma-bear-and-a-cub scenario. How are those things even connected? I don't know. All I know is they were the dreams I had just before waking up. An hour and a half late. Eeep. You'd think the "no way, it can't be that late!" jolt of adrenaline would be enough to get me up immediately, but no, I stared at the ceiling in a daze for ten whole minutes before the thought of moving even occurred to me. That of course spun my whole morning routine on its head, but despite waking super late and feeling like I was sleep-walking through a strong current of water that was flowing in the opposite direction, I still managed to leave just a few minutes late for work.

I can't figure out if this seemingly inescapable lethargy is all a mental thing and I'd be feeling as peppy as can be were I on a tropical beach somewhere or if it's a semi-legitimate spring cleaning hangover and I'd want a nap even in the most pleasant of circumstances.

Blergh. Mondays. Oh well, can't avoid 'em - so Onwards and Upwards. Or at least, up off my seat and onwards towards the tea dispenser. (<--Sadly, that is the best I can do as respects a pep talk right now.)
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