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Well, That Came Out of Nowhere - frazzled and bedazzled — LiveJournal
Well, That Came Out of Nowhere
I had a glorious day last Saturday. There was lots of lovely sun, and visits to a couple of wineries with friends, and a stop at Oregon's only 5-star resort, and only a little imbibing during the early part of the day since I had to drive home at the end of the evening.

Thus it was a real shock to wake up Sunday and feel like death might be a mercy. There was fever, chills, full-body aches, skin so sensitive that even a little air movement hurt, weakness so bad I could barely lift a glass of water, and a burning and churning in my stomache that was downright painful.

I was utterly flattened. And a bit shocked, truth be told, to have gotten the 'flu now...I thought the season was over and I was safe.

Monday morning I could barely mumble out the words, "I can't work" before flopping back down into bed.

By Tuesday, I was at a stage where I could at least moan and groan about the unfairness of it all that I had to suffer with no medicine - prior to that, I was so sick that it never occurred to me that *anything* could help.

I still felt like something a rat would reject from a refuse pile yesterday, but worked for a good bad chunk of the day anyway because...well, you know, the world would stop turning and all western commerce would come to an end if I didn't move some paper from Point A to Point B (or so some people I work with believe).

The rat might consider me a better bet today. I'm still not "good", by any means, but at least I might regret death today.

Thank goodness for the Glove and Boots channel on YouTube. Re-watching some classic Mario and Fafa helped get me through moments when I felt so bad I wasn't even up to reading.

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