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Tra La La, Just Skipping Through... - frazzled and bedazzled — LiveJournal
Tra La La, Just Skipping Through...
Not much happening in the land of fiveandfour beyond the usual hamster-on-a-wheel routine.

We're well into the typical Pacific Northwest spring medley of sunshine, rain, sun breaks, more rain, warm one minute, cold the next, and allergies, allergies, allergies.

I stopped at a local grocery on the way in to work this morning, a time when - in theory - the shelves are the most well-stocked since the store had all night to fix things, and found the section for allergy medications half destroyed. Plus the prices were higher than they were a month ago (grrr!).

Had a lovely visit with family on Easter Sunday, though I felt about three minutes away from going into nap mode for most of the day. I'm finally starting to feel back to normal after last week's 'flu and plan to try exercise tonight. Man, the 'flu does take it out of you! While visiting with the family, there was a suggestion of us making an extra stop to visit my husband's grandmother, who is 93 years old and fighting her own health issues. All I could think was, "Seeing me is the last thing she needs right now!" - though the odds of me still being contagious were quite low, I didn't want to take a chance of passing things on to her. Plus again, there was my nap imperative. We ended up getting home relatively early and I used a great deal of will to keep myself awake until 7:15 pm. Why, yes, I *do* know how to rock a holiday!

I've been in a reading slump for a few weeks, but I'm not too concerned about it yet. I seem to go through one most springs. I can never really figure out why they seem to come on at this time of year in particular, because you'd think that cold, rainy days would be motivating as respects hanging out under a blanket with a book. I dunno, as we like to say in business, "it is what it is", so I've learned to just go with it. At some inexplicable time - say, when the sun is finally out and the weather is perfect for outdoor pursuits - I'm sure my yen for reading will return. Meanwhile, I'll just add to my TBR stack in a desultory manner.

All right, I guess it's time for this hamster to get back on her wheel. Now, if only I could get someone to bring me some treats to make this run more bearable...

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