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Some Days I Can't Even... - frazzled and bedazzled — LiveJournal
Some Days I Can't Even...
I awoke approximately 15 minutes behind schedule this morning. I looked at my alarm and realized that instead of hitting snooze, like I usually do, I had turned the alarm off. I was thankful I had at least re-awoke with time enough to not be too rushed for leaving for work.

I gave my thanks too soon because some mischievous god decided to stir the pot a bit more and...

  • I opened the refrigerator and the breakfast smoothie I made last night (to save time this morning) fell out of the refrigerator. The glass shattered and the smoothie went EVERYWHERE: floor, inside of the refrigerator, inside of more nooks and crannies than I even realized existed in the refrigerator, walls, ceiling, my hair, my body...you name it, it was there.

  • I got ready for work and was only a few minutes behind schedule for leaving at my typical time when an eyelash got on my right eye and would not come out. By the time I got it out, I was definitely late for work.

  • I saw a penny next to my car and thought while picking it up, "Oh good, I could use some good luck!" I turned on the rinse cycle to get some tree sap off of my windscreen and found that a couple of pine needles were under one wiper, leaving 2 definitive streaks on the driver side of the screen, and the sprayer is not working on the passenger side so that half of the screen is a blurry, sticky mess.

  • I arrived to work and saw some things had developed Friday afternoon without me. For one of them, A SITUATION WHICH WOULD NOT EXIST HAD MY BOSS WARNED ME ABOUT IT, I had an email from him saying, "Next time keep me in the loop so I know what's happening, ok?"  I walked into a situation thinking I was doing one thing - a typical thing I do all of the time - then it changed and turned out to be something completely different.  HAD I KNOWN FROM MY BOSS WHAT IT *REALLY* WAS (he knew about it a week before me!), I never would have been involved.  Grrr!!!

I had a really great week-end, but things took a turn in a completely different direction this morning, that's for sure.  I guess some days you're the schadenfreuder and some days you're the schadenfreudee and today's just my turn to be the "ee".  Ugh!

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