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frazzled and bedazzled

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Princess Strokenham
10 December
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Aaack! The pressure of describing myself in the smallest possible number of words. How can one possibly come off erudite and witty in such circumstances?

Well, I can't so here are some mundane details instead...

I'm a wife and work-outside-the-home mother to one child, one cat, and innumberable dust bunnies in unmentionable places. I like love to read. I like to think I read in a wide variety of genres, but the truth is I've never read a western OR a book with a military setting (though I'm inexplicably drawn to books about war experiences). I like to laugh. I like to wonder about the mysteries of life and how it's possible that with all of the millions of stories already told, there are millions more just waiting to be born. I like music. I enjoy learning new things, though I'm starting to find that this generally means older things become pushed out the other side of the brain when this happens (Jeopardy is now a painful string of "I used to know that!" and "it's right on the tip of my tongue".)

I've become a very lazy journaler and, like a person intending to start a diet come Monday, have all the expectation in the world that I'll make the perfect post...tomorrow.

So. Welcome. This is a pretty quiet and casual corner of the cyberworld, so feel free to come and go with your snacks and beverages at will. And feel free to comment whether I "know you" or not.

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